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Men's Chains FAQS

We get lots of questions about men's chain necklaces, especially when they are being bought as a gift. We covered some of them below, but of course, do email us with any other questions you might have. We are always happy to offer advice: hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk.

How many inches long should a men's chain necklace be?

This really depends on the measurements of the wearer. Unless the man is very petite in terms of height and neck size, the very shortest chain length you should buy is 20 inches. Most men will find a 20 inch chain a good fit, assuming they want it reasonably high on the neckline. For men that prefer their gold or silver chain to sit lower, or for those who have a larger neck circumference, consider a 22 inch or 24 inch chain instead. We can source chains longer than 24 inches, and some men do prefer very long chains such as 26 or 28 inches. We don't tend to hold these lengths in stock, but we can always order them in for you on request and get them to you within the week.

How wide should a man's chain be?

This very much depends on the purpose. Is it to hang a pendant from? Look for something max 3mm wide or smaller, as most pendant bales can accommodate chains of this width. The width of the chain will then also not detract from the pendant itself. Men's curb chains, belcher chains and figaro chains all work particularly well with pendants. If he is looking for a standalone chain, then 3mm is discreet, 4-5mm is a more common width but not 'in your face', 6-7mm is an obvious chain but not a statement piece, and then 8mm+ wide chains are statement and very noticeable. Preference plays a big part in chain width.

Which metal should I choose - gold or silver?

We only sell solid sterling silver or solid gold men's chains at Sterling & Wilde. These are hypoallergenic and, if treated with the appropriate care, will stand the test of time. Our men's chain necklaces should be taken off before swimming and bathing, should not be worn in seawater and should be removed for sleeping, exercise or any other activity where they may get caught, snagged and stretched. A simple clean with a gold or silver polishing cloth every now and then will keep them looking their best. Price wise, men's sterling silver chains are significantly more affordable than men's gold chains; gold, at the time of writing (Sept 2020), is experiencing record highs in price per gram. That said, gold jewellery will always hold and intrinsic value because it can be melted down and recast. So as a long term investment, gold may be better than silver, but it really comes down to budget and preference.

What are the most popular styles of men's gold and silver chains?

Without a doubt the most popular chain bought by men in both gold and silver is the curb chain. Curb chains are versatile, strong chains and can be thin and understated to hold a treasured pendant, or wide and showy to wear as a statement piece. After the curb, the next most popular chain worn by men is the figaro chain. This chain also works well as both a pendant necklace and a standalone men's chain. Belcher chain necklaces and anchor chain necklaces are also popular male jewellery purchases. Rope chains work well for men, especially if they are chunky, but they are prone to breakage if not completely solid so semi-hollow chains should be worn with care.

What is your delivery and returns policy?

You can order your men's chain from us with confidence. We offer free UK delivery and you can return within 30 days. So if the fit and feel is not right, you can return the item to us, unworn, for a full refund or exchange. We are very fair and do our best to work with our customers - after all, we want you to shop with us again! All of our men's chains are hallmarked in accordance with the UK hallmarking act. So for men's silver chains over 7.78 grams in weight, a hallmark will be present and for men's gold chains over 1 gram in weight, a hallmark will be present. For chains under this weight, the will be stamped with a fineness mark of 925 for silver, or 375 for 9ct gold.