Men's Pendants in Gold and Silver

At Sterling & Wilde, we are BIG fans of men's jewellery, and in particular men's pendants. We stock a range of pendant necklaces for men in gold and silver, and we've run through some of our favourite men's pendant styles below.

gold saint christopher pendants for men

Men's Saint Christopher Pendant Necklaces

Saint Christopher pendants in gold and silver are a best seller for men in the UK and the world over. Most of us know Saint Christopher to be the patron saint of travellers, but in a wider context we believe that medallions with his image provide protection to the wearer. Many Saint Christopher pendant necklaces are purchased as gifts and presented to a loved one to keep them safe on the journey that is life.

Saint Christopher medals can be round, oval, cushion shaped and you can purchase them on their own to hang from your own chain, or as part of a combined pendant necklace. We sell Saint Christopher necklaces is a variety of shapes, and in both solid 925 sterling silver and solid 9ct gold too.

men's gold crucifix pendant

Cross and Crucifix Necklaces for Men

Ever popular items of jewellery: purchase a plain, polished gold or silver cross, or a crucifix with the image of Jesus. All designs are made in either sterling silver or 9ct gold, with heavier cross and crucifix designs being solid all the way through, while others are semi-hollow inside to save on metal and therefore cost.

Our men's cross and crucifix pendants are available to purchase without a chain, or as part of a necklace. As well as being a show of faith, cross and crucifix pendants are hoped to offer some form of protection to the wearer.

dog tags necklaces

Dog Tag Necklaces for Men

Dog tag necklaces are another popular item of jewellery for men. With their roots in the military, these men's pendants are viewed as particularly masculine and many are bought to engrave. Dog tags tends to be solid and can be costly items of jewellery in gold, and more affordable in sterling silver. They are effortlessly stylish, and tags left plain and polished will never go out of fashion.

Buying Men's Pendants from Sterling & Wilde

Free delivery, free returns, great photos and fantastic customer service are just some of the things you can expect when shopping with us. We love jewellery in all its forms, and we are forever sourcing new and meaningful men's pendant necklaces so add us to your favourites and check back often. Any questions, please email hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk.