More About Our Men's Silver Chains

Men's chains are our speciality at Sterling & Wilde, and especially men's silver chains - we love them! We've listed some of the main types and styles of men's silver chains below, but you are always welcome to contact us if you are looking for something different. We can usually sources men's chain necklaces in most styles and lengths.

Men's Silver Curb Chains

The classic men's silver curb chain - and there is not just one look when it comes to the classic curb! Curb chains are made flat, deep and bevelled, curved, loosely linked or closely linked. The curb is the most popular type of men's silver chain that we sell, but it does come in many different looks. One of our most popular curb chains is our 5.4mm solid silver close curb chain - because the links are deep, the chain is heavy and solid without being too wide on the neck.

Sterling Silver Cuban Chains

Technically a curb chain, but the silver cuban chain is so popular in its own right it's worth having it's own section. Cuban chains, sometimes referred to as 'Miami cuban chains' tend to have slightly rounded links, rather than the more flat or angular links of the traditional curb chain. Cuban chains also tend to be quite chunky and wide as part of their style, and with their links being very tightly woven together, they tend to be study, heavy, well-made chains.

Men's Silver Rope Chains

One of our best selling chains is our sterling silver 4mm rope chain. Unlike many rope chains for sale out there, our silver ropes are completely solid all the way through. This makes them not only incredibly well made, but also incredibly well lasting too. Rope chains consist of tightly interwoven silver wire, and each strand is bonded to many others. It really does resemble a rope! And it's an incredibly stylish and popular style of silver chains.

Sterling Silver Belcher Chains

Like the curb, silver belcher chains do not have one single look. They can be rounded, oval or rectangular, and for a more industrial look they can be faceted too. Our silver faceted belcher chain is one of our best sellers, and it's a really high quality chain that can be worn both standalone or with a large pendant. It's a particularly modern looking belcher chain, for those seeing a more vintage look, opt for an rounded or oval belcher chain.

Men's Silver Figaro Chains

The silver figaro chain is another classic, and tends to feature one elongated link separated with 2 or 3 smaller links. These links can be flat, rounded, metric (squared edges) or curved. We stock several figaro chains in different widths, from the discreet and pendant perfect, to the loud and proud statement necklace.

What length silver chain should I buy?

We stock most of our men's silver chains in 20 to 30 inch lengths, which is a big variation! Traditional length chains are 20, 22 and 24 inches, but we find some men prefer to chains to sit lower and opt for the longer lengths of 26, 28 and 30 inches. Wider chains, in particular, are suited to longer lengths.

Are all your chains REAL 925 sterling silver?

Yes, we don't sell any jewellery that has only been plated as sterling silver. Where we advertise the piece of sterling silver, that is all it contains. It is not, for example, brass plated in silver - it is silver all the way through. In almost all cases our men's silver chains are solid all the way through, we try to avoid semi-hollow chains in silver where possible as it make them more prone to breakage.

Do you sell second hand silver chains?

No - all of our silver chains are brand new and you will be the piece's first owner. Our men's silver chains are with made in the UK, or in Italy.

If you have any questions about our men's silver chains not covered here, you can email us at hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk or call 0207 846 0254 during normal office hours.