Women's Chains FAQS

We stock a range of women's chains in both 9ct gold and sterling silver. From classic curb chains to trace chains, figaro, belcher or prince of wales, there is a women's chain for every taste in our online jewellery shop. All of our ladies chains are hallmarked in accordance with UK law.

women's gold pendant chains

Women's Gold Pendant Chains

Are you looking for a chain from which to hold a locket or a treasured pendant? Generally speaking, you will want a chain that isn't too big or too showy, so it doesn't detract from the pendant itself. That said, depending on the weight of your pendant, you will want the chain to be sturdy and secure.

Gold chains that work particularly well with pendants are trace chains, prince of wales chains and belcher chains. Look for a chain that is at least half the weight of your pendant. So if your locket weighs 5 grams, be sure to choose a chain that is 2.5 grams and upwards. Consider the bale size on your pendant and make sure the chain you are buying will fit. Then again, if it doesn't, bale adjustments are relatively cheap to do with your local jeweller.

women's rope chain in silver

Women's Chain Necklaces

If you are looking for a chain to wear on its own without a pendant, gold and silver rope chains, anchor chains and wider prince of wales chains are popular choices. These chains are decorative and hold their own, without the need for a pendant embellishment. The wider and heavier the chain, the bigger the statement it makes.

curb chain in 9ct yellow gold

Should I choose a gold or silver women's chain?

This is all down to personal preference and budget. Both metals are precious and both will last years and years with the right care. Both gold and silver are hypoallergenic and each look fabulous when worn. Silver is significantly cheaper than gold, but gold will always hold a higher intrinsic value. Women's gold chain necklaces can be found in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

fine gold trace chain for pendants

What length necklace should I buy for a lady?

The typical length for a ladies chain necklace is 18 inches - a chain this length will hang midway between the neck and the breast bone. For a necklace that sits higher on the neckline - almost choker like - 16 inches is a better choice. And for ladies who prefer their chains to hang lower, 20 inches all the way down to 24 inches are recommended. Longer chains work particularly well with locket necklaces.

What is the warranty on your women's gold and silver chains?

We warranty all of our gold and silver necklaces for 24 months against manufacturing defects such as a faulty clasp. We deliver in the UK free of charge, and across the USA and Europe via DHL Express. 

Other questions about women's chains? You can email us hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk or call 0207 846 0254.