Women's Pendants FAQS

As you can see from our huge selection, we love women's pendants in both sterling silver and fine gold! So much symbolism is conveyed in the pendant and locket necklaces we wear day-to-day, often as protective talismans but sometimes to denote love for a significant other, family or faith. We have listed some of our favourite ladies pendant necklaces below.

locket necklaces in gold and silver

Lockets for Women

Lockets have been worn for hundreds of years, both as pendants around the neck or encased in rings. The need to carry a loved one close to us at all times - as a photo, lock of hair or other keepsake - comes from our social nature as humans. Lockets are worn as family emblems both to celebrate and keep close those that are living and those that have passed on. We stock locket necklaces in 9ct gold and silver, and we also stock several gold plated lockets too. All of our gold plated locket necklaces have a solid sterling silver base, so you can be sure you are buying a good quality item of jewellery made entirely of precious metal.

women's st christopher necklace

Women's St Christopher Necklaces

The perfect ladies pendant necklace to guide us through the journey that is life. Gold, silver, round or oval - we have a good selection of women's St Christopher necklaces on a variety of different chain lengths. Choose your St Christopher is solid 9ct gold or solid sterling silver. Both will last for years and years and are special, meaningful item of women's jewellery.

women's contemporary gold pendant

Contemporary Pendants

What makes a pendant 'contemporary'? In our view, this term covers pendants with bold outlines without gemstone embellishment. We love, minimalist contemporary pendant design, and many of our women's pendant necklaces can be stacked alongside other neck wear.

labradorite pendant necklace in gold

Gemstone Set Pendants

Gemstones hold a magical quality to humans quite unlike any other material on Earth! As well as being tied the month of birth, gemstones supposedly encourage certain qualities, strengths and behaviours  - such as diamond being tied to resilience and ruby to passion. We stock pendants in a variety of gemstones including sapphire, rose quartz, emerald and labradorite.

How long a chain should I buy with my women's pendant?

The most popular pendant chain length for women is 18 inches - this will sit midway between the top of the neck and the breastbone. For ladies who prefer their chains shorter and more choker-like, 16 inches would be a better choice. And for women who like their pendants to sit lower, go for 20 inches anywhere down to 24 inches.

our pendant packaging

Our Women's Pendant  Packaging

We have made our packaging as minimal and eco-friendly as possible. We pack with recycled kraft jewellery boxes, recycled tissue paper, recycled postage boxes and recycled packing tape! We can't run our business without having an impact on the Earth, but we try and reduce that impact as much as possible.

Questions about our women's pendant necklaces? Email hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk or call 0207 846 0254.