Statement Sterling Silver Abalone Paua Shell Ring - Sterling & Wilde

Statement Sterling Silver Abalone Shell Ring


A beautiful, solid sterling silver statement ring with a bezel set abalone shell. Each ring is entirely unique, with a one of a kind pattern. The shell has a highly polished finish, but some pitting will be seen and this is a natural part of the surface as opposed to a flaw. Bright, colourful and really eye-catching, we love this statement ring!

About Abalone

Abalone are marine snails that cling to the rocks near the shoreline - the beautiful material you can see in this ring is almost the same as mother of pearl (the inside of a mollusc or oyster shell), but in an abalone it's more colourful. The iridescent colours shift from blues to greens to yellows and even pinky-purples. Abalone shells are worn as protective talismans and are also believed to aid emotional balance.

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