About the Anchor or Mariner Chain

We're big fans of the anchor chain, or mariner / marina chain as it's sometimes referred to. Designed to look like the chain that supports a ship's anchor, the chain features oblong links, with a cut out section at either end, into which the next link slots. So the chain's inspiration is somewhat industrial and seafaring, and chunky anchor chains definitely reflect that in their design and construction. But there are also dainty and fine anchor chains, which don't look industrial at all and instead look delicate, intricate and often times sparkly. These chains are particularly popular with women who love to layer their necklaces. So the anchor chain is versatile, and works well for statement jewellery as well and discreet pieces. We stock our anchor chains in sterling silver and 9ct gold, for men and for women. We have mariner chain necklaces, bracelets and anklets.