Pendant Necklaces for Men


Men's Pendants in Gold and Silver

Men's pendants in gold and silver have carved out a solid spot in the realm of men's accessories, offering a touch of sophistication without the fuss. Gold and silver, the classic heavyweights, bring their A-game to the table, attracting a crowd that appreciates a timeless and versatile style. Gold men's pendants, with their warm glow, exude a sense of luxury without shouting for attention. Whether worn solo or layered with other necklaces, they add a dash of refined elegance. On the flip side, men's silver pendants bring a cool, understated vibe. The sleekness of silver effortlessly complements various styles, from laid-back to polished. Men's pendants aren't just accessories; they're a form of self-expression, and we've listed some of our most popular men's pendants below.

Men's St Christopher Pendants

St Christopher pendants in gold and silver have earned their stripes as top picks among men in the UK. Known as the patron saint of travelers, these medallions go beyond symbolism—we see them as a shield for the wearer. Often snagged as thoughtful gifts, St Christopher pendant necklaces are bestowed upon loved ones to offer protection on life's journey. The medals come in various shapes—round, oval, and cushion-shaped—available either solo to dangle from your own chain or as part of a combined pendant necklace. Our St Christopher necklaces come in the robust options of solid 925 sterling silver and solid 9ct gold, ensuring both durability and timeless style for those seeking a symbol of safeguarding on their personal odyssey.

Cross and Crucifix Pendants for Men

Timeless in their popularity, our cross and crucifix pendants for men offer a straightforward choice: opt for a plain, polished gold or silver cross or go for the intricate detailing of a crucifix featuring the image of Jesus. Crafted with precision, these designs come in either sterling silver or 9ct gold. Available for purchase sans chain or as part of a necklace, our men's cross and crucifix pendants go beyond mere adornment. Serving as symbols of faith, these pendants are also believed to extend a form of protection to the wearer. It's not just about the aesthetic; it's a tangible expression of belief and an understated means of seeking a safeguarding presence on life's journey.

Dog Tag Pendants

The timeless dog tag pendant remains a men's jewellery staple, offering a rugged yet versatile style. Whether in gold or silver, its military-inspired design provides a blank canvas for personalisation. Effortlessly stylish, left plain and polished or engraved with a special message, men's dog tag pendants will never go out of fashion.