More About The Snake Chain

The snake chain is a beautiful style of chain and as the name suggests, has been designed to look much like a snake in the way it flows and moves. The chain is made of many slightly curved plates knitted together - the chain looks smooth but on closer inspection you can see each plate moves independently making the chain very flexible and also beautiful in its articulated motion. Snake chains tends to be fine and round, and are best described as sleek in their look. We stock snake chains in sterling silver and 9ct gold, and we also have snake chain bracelets and anklets in our collection. Snake chains work well paired with pendants and charms, and thicker snake chains work well as standalone necklaces. Snake chains come in a variety of lengths, from 16 to 24 inches and sometimes longer. They are typically fine chains and are more often bought by women than men, though like all chains of course, they are unisex.