Anklets & Ankle Bracelets


We make no apologies for it:- we are BIG fans of pretty feet. If you're going to the trouble of getting a pedicure and your toe nails painted, then you may as well go the whole hog and add some precious metal to your feet too!

Gold & Silver Ankle Bracelets

We sell anklets - or ankle bracelets - in both 9ct gold and sterling silver. In our view, anklets are versatile for day and evening wear, and look great with swimwear, shorts, dresses and cropped jeans. Typically they are worn in warmer months, when socks are not a necessity. And a nice anklet for holiday is on many women's shopping lists.

What length anklet should I buy?

The best thing to do is get a soft tape measure and measure around your ankle to be sure. Failing that, cut a piece of string to size and measure that with a ruler. The typical anklet sizes for women are 9-10 inches.

How do I care for my anklet?

Remember that sand is corrosive and swimming pool/hot tub water can contain chemicals that can permanently alter the look of your jewellery. Solid sterling silver or 9ct gold are not overly reactive, but they are not immune to chemical reactions. Similarly, the metals may be affected by insect repellent and suncream, so make sure any creams and sprays are dry and absorbed before putting your anklet on.

When it comes to damage, the biggest risk is one of snagging, so do not wear your anklet in bed and take your anklet off before putting your feet up on a sofa/foot stool/surface. If you catch it and pull it, or even crush it, it will break.

Should I choose a gold or silver anklet?

When it comes to choosing gold or silver, budget and personal preference are the important factors in any anklet purchase. Yellow gold is warm and complements all skin tones, whereas silver has an earthy brightness that has charmed humans for thousands of years. Gold is more valuable per gram, and so gold anklets tend to be lighter and more delicate than silver anklets.