About the Curb Chain

The curb chain has its origins in horse riding and horse-drawn carts and vehicles, and as you can imagine goes back a long time. The curb chain is a piece of tack attached to the mouth bit - the chain goes under the curved groove of the horse's neck and between the bit shank arms on either side. Tightness / looseness of this chain can affect the comfort and health of the horse, so riders pay careful attention to this chain, that they use to 'curb' their horse. Of course, like most chains used in industry, the curb chain has been adapted for human jewellery! And the curb chain is by far the most popular chain style manufactured and sold today. It consists of links which can be flat, raised, bevelled, open or close. Whatever, the link style, they are uniform in size and curb chains are popular in both gold and sterling silver. Fine curb chains are a popular choice for pendants, while wide curb chains work well as standalone or statement necklaces. Curb chains are also made into bracelets and anklets. A slight variation on the traditional curb comes with the 'Miami Cuban' curb chain, where tightly packed, chunky curb links are given a slightly curved/domed top to lovely effect.