Rings for Women

RINGs for her FAQS

Which of your ladies gold rings are the most popular?

Some of our most popular rings styles are our belt/buckle rings, our Claddagh and signet rings, our toe rings (especially in summer) and our gold, diamond and emerald rings. We sell both engagement rings and everyday rings for women and we love to source both contemporary and vintage inspired pieces such as our 9ct yellow gold gypsy trilogy ring.

Are your metals and gemstones authentic and genuine?

Our rings are made from solid gold, solid silver, or gold plated silver. We are always very clear on the product page which metal has been used. Similarly, as experienced gemmologists, we are always very clear in pointing out whether the gemstones in each ring are natural, synthetic or treated. We have gone to great lengths to bring you beautiful, affordable rings with clear, unambiguous descriptions so you know exactly what you are buying. All of our rings are delivered free within the UK, and you can return within 30 days too.

What is an eternity ring given for?

Our women's eternity rings and stacking rings are some of our best selling pieces. They are typically bought to celebrate an anniversary or significant date/life event. They symbolise both the circle of life, eternal love and commitment. Modern jewellery trends are toward slim bands set with a variety of colourful gemstones, though our diamond eternity rings remain popular choices.

What is a halo cluster ring?

Cluster rings tend to feature a larger colour stone centre, with a halo of colourless stones to compliment and add sparkle. These are often small diamonds, but cubic zirconia is a great, cost effective alternative. The smaller the gemstone, the less it costs per carat. This is why cluster rings provide a great deal of sparkle for less cost! A carat of diamonds made up over 10 stones, is much more affordable than a single diamond of 1ct in weight.

What does a toi et moi ring mean?

These two stone rings symbolise you and me and the bonding of two souls. They are the perfect engagement ring, or celebratory piece for two people in love. They can also be used to signify the a birth and the love between mother and child, another familial bond or even a touching and meaningful gift between best friends. Originating at the end of the 18th century in France, toi et moi rings have remained one of the most meaningful ring styles ever since.