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Diamond is arguably the most famous gemstone in the world, and unique diamonds command higher prices than any other gemstone, selling for millions at high end auction houses like Christie's and Sotheby's. But what makes diamond so special, and so valuable?

Diamond has some amazing qualities that make it the perfect gemstone. Firstly, it's exceptionally hard, making it very difficult to scratch, chip or break. It's not impossible, but it's difficult...more difficult to damage a diamond than any other gemstone. What's more, diamond's chemical composition means it shines brighter and sparkles more than any other gemstone if cut to specific proportions and polished well.

Diamonds are commonly thought of as colourless, and in fact the more colourless a diamond is the more valuable it will usually be. But diamonds can be found in pretty much every other colour too, with desirable colours being red, pink and blue. Diamonds were quite hard to come by before the diamond discoveries in South Africa around 1860. Since then, diamond ownership went from the reserve of kings and queens, to the average person on the street. Today diamonds are mined all over the world including Canada, Russia, Africa and Australia.

Diamond does not have an unblemished history, and many people will think about the atrocities in Africa surrounding 'blood diamonds'. While those atrocities should never be forgotten, diamond mining nowadays is a highly regulated industry, and along with supporting the economies of whole nations, mining diamonds also financially supports many thousands of individuals across the world too. Diamonds can be sourced ethically from suppliers who adhere to the Kimberley Process, or from modern mines with excellent chain of custody (they document the diamond from mine to market). At Sterling & Wilde we only source our diamonds from ethical suppliers.

Diamond is the birthstone for April and is worn to enhance inner strength, fortitude and resilience. It's the modern-day engagement ring stone of choice for many fiancés-to-be, with the diamond solitaire ring still the firm favourite. Because of its hardness, diamond is a great gemstone to sit in any style of ring and smaller diamonds look particularly nice surrounding a large central coloured stone.

We stock diamond jewellery including pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings in both 9ct gold and sterling silver. All of our diamond jewellery comes with free UK delivery, and 30 day returns. We also stock jewellery made with diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia, a more affordable option with nearly the same look.