Morganite Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold - Sterling & Wilde

9ct Yellow Gold Morganite & Diamond Halo Ring


At a glance:

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More About This Morganite Ring

Be still our beating hearts! We LOVE this morganite and diamond cluster ring: it is understated and beautiful. Morganite is a type of beryl and comes from the same family as emerald. It tends to be a pale brown colour with subtle hints of pink and peach. It pairs wonderfully with diamonds and yellow gold, and this cluster ring is divine. Wear it as an engagement ring or a just because ring. Whatever the occasion, it is perfect.

Gemstone Symbolism:

Morganite is a crystal of the heart and divine love. It encourages loving thoughts and actions, and inspires joy and reverence for life.


Morganite is not a traditional birthstone, but it is suggested to those born in the autumn.


Morganite is routinely heated to improve its colour.

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