Prince of Wales Chains

About the Prince of Wales Chain

We are super-fond of this chain style at Sterling & Wilde, mainly because if its strength and versatility. The prince of wales chain is a type of rope chain with each gold link interwoven with 4 others. However, unlike the rope chain - in which the links are fused - there's a small amount of movement in the articulated prince of wales links. Resultingly, prince of wales chains tend to be sturdy and less prone to breakage and along with spiga chains, are our preferred pendant chains. But why are they called prince of wales chains, you ask? We can only assume it was the favoured necklace of the actual Prince of Wales at some point. But much like many of the chain names out there, the origins are guesswork! In our collection of jewellery you'll find prince of wales chain necklaces, bracelets and anklets in both sterling silver and 9ct gold.