St Christopher Pendants


What is the meaning of a St Christopher necklace?

Saint Christopher is one of the most popular Saints to adorn our jewellery. But who was St Christopher? And why is he so special to us today? In most St Christopher jewellery designs you will see the image of a man, with a staff, carrying a small child on his shoulders. What's not immediately obvious is that he is carrying that child to safety through a river. Christopher lived during the 3rd century, and according to legend, regularly helped people cross a particularly treacherous river. One day, a small boy asked for help crossing and Christopher obliged. As he carried the child on his shoulders, the river swelled and the boy appeared to get heavier and heavier, nearly drowning them both. Christopher battled on and did not drop the boy. On reaching the other side, Christopher mentioned to the child that he'd felt like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. The child replied that it because he was, and revealed himself as Jesus Christ.

St Christopher Necklace Symbolism

Because of his assistance to travellers crossing the river, St Christopher is most famously known as the patron saint of travellers. His image is considered a blessing outside of the home, and whether it's a quick trip to Sainsbury's or a flight to the other side of the world, many of us believe that St Christopher's image will get us there and back safely. St Christopher necklaces make very popular gifts for this reason, with smaller medals often gifted for Christenings.

St Christopher doesn't only offer his patronage to travellers, he is also believed to patronage athletes, mariners, bachelors, soldiers, gardeners, motorists and drivers, sailors and surfers. St Christopher is also the patron saint of many places including Greece, various towns in Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latvia to name a few! Furthermore, medal necklaces are not the only way to wear a St Christopher image. You will also find his image on stud earrings, lockets and cuff links, and we even sell an anklet with a St Christopher charm.

Should I buy a gold or silver St Christopher medal?

This all comes down to taste and budget. We love both types of metal at Sterling and Wilde, and all of our St Christopher jewellery is well made and looks fabulous. Sterling silver is the most cost effective solution, but for an heirloom piece it's often wise to opt for gold since it holds its value so well.