Men's Bracelets


What length bracelet shall I buy for man?

Men's bracelets are typically 8.5 inches in length, though some men wear 9 inches or 9.5 inches. To be sure you have the right size and are not buying a bracelet that will be too tight, we recommend measuring around the wrist with a soft tape measure, or failing that, cut a piece of string to the correct size and measure it with a ruler. Torque and cuff bangles tend to be one size items and usually fit both 8.5 inch and 9 inch wrists.

What is a men's torque bangle?

Men's torque bangles do not join - there is a gap between both ends - which allows them to be easily slid onto the wrist. Typically they are finished with ball ends, but contemporary torque bangles may be squared off for a sleek, modern look. We find men's torque bangles to be one of the most popular and enduring bracelets styles for gents. And boy have they endured! Archaeologists have dug up torque bangles dating back to Saxon and Viking times, and many can be found in museums across the world. We stock torque bangles in both 9ct gold and sterling silver. These make great gifts for men - they look fab for day to day wear or as an accessory to a more formal outfit. In summary: versatile and timeless.

What is a men's identity/ID Bangle?

A distinctive choice in men's jewellery, identity bangles are a variation of torque bangles, featuring a top section flattened into a sleek plate that rests at the top side of the wrist. These bangles, alternatively known as ID bangles, have carved their place as a popular accessory for men, available in both the timeless allure of gold and the cool sophistication of silver. The flattened plate not only adds a touch of modernity to the classic torque design but also provides a unique canvas for personalisation

What are the most popular men's bracelets?

All our men's chain bracelets are well made and sell really well. Generally, anything you can buy as a necklace, you can buy as a shorter bracelet too. The most popular men's bracelets are our men's gold curb chain bracelet, our men's silver rope bracelet and our men's silver byzantine bracelet. Sterling silver is by far the most cost effective metal for men's chain bracelets, white yellow gold is reserved for a more extravagant spend.