Welcome to Sterling & Wilde! And thank you for visiting our online jewellery shop.

Our mission is simple: to bring you beautiful, affordable items of jewellery. We love incorporating symbolism into the pieces we source and sell, so you'll find Celtic jewellery, birthstone jewellery, protective talismans and celestial inspired pieces in among more traditional designs.

We sell chains, pendant necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings and nose studs for both women and men. Some of our jewellery is solid silver, other pieces are gold plated and others solid gold. It will always be clear on the product page the type of metal you are purchasing.

We sell a mixture of real gemstones and simulants  - again, we will always make absolutely clear what your jewellery contains. Our founder, Abigail Haslett, is a keen gemmologist and goes to great lengths to source beautiful stones, whether lab created or Earth-mined.

All the jewellery we sell at Sterling & Wilde is brand new. If you are looking for antique or vintage pieces, please visit our sister company: Kit Clayton Jewellery.

We deliver our jewellery free of charge within the UK, and worldwide for a small additional fee. 

Please consider giving Sterling & Wilde a follow on Instagram or Facebook - we love to connect with customers on social media. And please always feel free to email with any questions about our jewellery: hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk or call during office hours on 0207 846 0254.

Thank you for visiting.

Abigail Haslett, Cert-GA, DGA
Sterling & Wilde Founder