Singapore Chains

More About The Singapore Chain

The beauty in the Singapore chain is how it weaves, rotates and sparkles when worn. You can lay a Singapore chain out flat and notice the tightly woven, almost liquid-like undulating links at a slight curve. But when worn as a chain, bracelet or anklet, the links rotate slightly at different angles, giving a highly decorative and reflective finish. At its most basic, the Singapore chain sits somewhere between a curb chain and a Prince of Wales chain, and borrows elements from both. It's sometimes referred to as a 'twisted curb' chain. Singapore chains are popular as pendant chains, standalone necklaces, bracelets and anklets, and we stock them in 9ct gold and sterling silver.

Why is it called a Singapore chain?

Honestly, even as jewellers we have no idea! Maybe it was invented in Singapore, though the place is not known as a major jewellery manufacturing hub. Should anyone know the answer to this, please email us at We love random jewellery facts almost as much as we love jewellery!