9ct Gold Chains


Are your gold chains suitable for men and women?

Absolutely, although individual tastes and requirements will vary. Some of our gold chains are very delicate and would not typically be worn by men, while others are very chunky and would not typically be worn by women. However, most in the mid sizes are classically unisex and purchased by both genders. We recommend narrowing down your search by width and style to suit your requirements.

How do I look after my gold chain?

  • Never sleep in your gold chain - you will weaken it quickly and it will snap (we will not warranty this).
  • Keep your gold chain away from chemicals including swimming pool water, hot tub water, perfumes, sprays and creams.
  • Remove your gold chain before sports or any activity where it could get snagged/pulled/tugged. Be careful when holding small children and wearing your gold chain, especially if it's delicate.
  • If hanging a pendant on your gold chain, the pendant must be no more than twice the weight of the chain. Only hang pendants on solid gold chains. If your chain is semi-hollow, it will not take any extra weight.
  • Generally treat your gold chain with the utmost care. All gold chains by their very nature are both valuable and delicate and should be treated as such.

Which chain length is best for men?

In our experience, men's gold chains always need to be at least 20 inches or longer. Do not buy shorter than this unless the man is looking for a chain that is tight and sits very high on the neckline.

Are all the chains made from real and solid gold?

The vast majority of our chains are made from solid 9ct gold - in yellow, white or rose. Some of our gold chains are made from semi-hollow 9ct gold, to keep the weight and cost down. However, as these chains tend to be more delicate, we limit our stock. We make it very clear on the product page when a chain is semi-hollow.

Which 9ct gold chains are your most popular for men?

Our most popular men's gold chain is this Italian made 9ct gold curb chain. It's relatively discreet at 3.6mm wide and is a popular and affordable choice for gents. For those who want something a little more showy, the same chain is available in 4.5mm, 6mm and 8.5mm, the last as our heavy gold curb chain. We also stock gold figaro chains, gold belcher chains and gold singapore chains - all of which are popular men's choices.

Do your gold chains come with a warranty?

Our gold chains have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects (for example a clasp spring that fails). The warranty does not cover broken/snapped chains, so please pay attention to the advice above, and in particular, never to sleep in your chain.