Spiga & Wheat Chains

About the Spiga Chain

The spiga chain is also commonly referred to as a wheat chain, because its design resembles ears of wheat. In fact the word 'spiga' is Italian for ear - and like most chains the design probably originated in Italy. The spiga chain is a beautiful and intricate chain that is particularly strong due to its plaited, tear drop design. The spiga is a three dimensional chain, rather than flat, and this makes it particularly sturdy and hard wearing. Wider spiga chains make great statement standalone necklaces, while finer spiga chains work well for holding treasured pendants. Because the spiga chain is so beautiful, it's also a great choice for bracelets and even anklets. We stock spiga chains in sterling silver and 9ct gold, for men and for women. All of our spiga chain jewellery comes with free UK delivery and 30 days returns.