Bangles & Bracelets for Women


What is the typical bracelet length for a woman?

The average adult woman's optimal bracelet length is considered 7.5 inches, and the majority of women's bracelets are made in this size. For most adult females, a 7.5 inch bracelet will not be too loose or too tight. That said, we're all different and for ladies with smaller than average wrists, a 7 inch bracelet might be a more comfortable fit. And course, for slightly larger than average wrists, consider an 8 inch bracelet or longer.

How do I measure my wrist for a bangle?

For a slave bangle, tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand and measure across the widest part of your hand (just left to right, not all the way round). Compare the width to the internal width we list on the bangle product page to ensure your hand can fit through. Slave bangles are designed to be pushed up the arm, and will be loose on the wrist. For torque bangles or hinged bangles designed to sit on the wrist, measure the width of your wrist where you would like the bangle to sit, again just left to right, not all the way round, and compare to the internal width listed on the bangle product page.

Can I wear my bracelet to bed?

Both gold and silver bracelets will break very quickly if worn in bed, regardless of width and weight. Many snap the the first night and are costly to repair. Hollow gold or silver bangles will also degrade and damage very quickly due to the amount we move in our sleep, and the pressure placed on the metal. Heavy and solid torque bangles can be slept in, though we can't imagine it would be comfortable. Our best advice is to remove all jewellery before bed, as the chances of damage are high.

Which are your best selling women's bracelets?

We are so glad you asked! This women's 9ct yellow gold curb chain bracelet is a timeless jewellery box staple and a very popular item in our collection for both ladies and gents. It's available in various lengths and will suit most female wrists. When it comes to solid silver, this women's silver paperclip bracelet is incredibly popular and looks so stylish, taking you effortlessly from daytime to evening and back again! When it comes to bangles, our favourite is this solid 9ct yellow gold slave bangle which is delicate, refined and incredibly eye catching.