Stud Earrings


What is a stud earring?

Stud earrings have decorative settings - sometimes plain metal and other times gemstone set - attached to a post which feeds through your earlobe piercing hole. Often the earrings are identical in both ears, though the trend of mismatched/asymmetrical stud earrings is growing! Stud earrings are secured to the ear lobe using a 'butterfly' or 'scroll', which is slid up the post from behind the ear. Stud earrings can be used to describe cartilage jewellery, and helix stud earrings are typically kept in the ear using a screwball or labret setting rather than a butterfly.

Are stud earrings comfortable to sleep in?

The best earrings to sleep in, in our opinion, are either gold or silver sleeper hoops. These do not put any pressure on the ear and will not work their way lose while you sleep. If you prefer to sleep in studs, then plain ball studs are your best bet. We sell these in a selection of metals:

Are your stud earrings suitable for sensitive skin?

Pure silver and gold are nonreactive metals. Our earrings are crafted in either 92.5% silver (925 sterling silver) or 37.5% gold (9ct gold) which means they are mixed with other alloys and are not pure. None the less, most people tolerate these metals without issue, and they are generally considered a superior choice for those with sensitive skin.

Can sterling silver stud earrings turn green or black?

Sterling silver contains some copper and it can indeed turn green if exposed to moisture. This is not a permanent change, and a clean up with a silver polishing cloth will get your stud earrings look as good as new. Similarly, the oxidisation that occurs to coat sterling silver in a black tarnish can also be easily removed with a silver polishing cloth.