Helix Earrings


What is a helix earring?

A helix earring is designed to be worn in the outer cartilage of the upper ear, and the piercing(s) typically follow the curve of the upper ear. Helix earrings come in various materials, such as sterling silver, stainless steel, gold, or titanium, and may feature decorative elements like gems or charms. Helix piercings can be difficult to heal, so it's important to wear a generally non-reactive. While they are not 'hypoallergenic', 9ct gold and sterling silver are often good helix earring choices as most people tolerate them well.

What earrings is best for a helix piercing?

Your helix earring can be a hoop, stud or cuff. It can be plain metal or gem set. The choice of helix earring style is often influenced by personal preference and the desired aesthetic. The most comfortable cartilage earrings, that don't risk snagging when we sleep, is a well-fitted stud.

What length cartilage bar do I need?

While the initial helix stud put in your ear following piercing will have a longer bar to allow for swelling, once your piercing has healed (which may take some months) you will want a helix earring that fits snug, but not overly tight. A post that is too long will irritate the piercing hole and may alter its appearance and trajectory, while an earring post that is too short may cause the earring to begin to embed into the ear, making it sore. The bar length you need will depend on your ear size, but for a top helix piercing the recommended lengths are usually 6mm or 8mm, with 6mm often ideal for females. Finding the right size for you may be trial and error.