925 Sterling Silver Chains


Are all chains worn by both men and women?

In a word: yes. We used to separate our silver chain section by gender, but we soon realised some women buy chunky silver chains and some men buy delicate silver chains, and so assumptions didn't really work. All of our sterling silver chains are unisex and worn by both men and women. You can filter chains by width and style, to help you narrow down your requirements.

What is the best length chain for a man?

Minimum 20 inches always. Never be tempted to buy a shorter chain for an adult male unless you are certain you have the right size. Most men will find anything under 20 inches very high on the neckline, tight and possibly uncomfortable.

Are these chains solid 925 sterling silver?

Yes, all the sterling silver chains we sell are solid 925 sterling silver. They do not have an inferior metal under silver plating, they are solid silver all the way through. Where the chain weighs over 7.78 grams, it will carry a silver hallmark in accordance with UK law. We are a professional jewellers registered with the National Association of Jewellers: buy your sterling silver chain from us with confidence.

Will my sterling silver chain tarnish?

Yes, at some point. All solid and genuine sterling silver will tarnish, unless it has been coated in something non-silver - that is the nature of this precious metal. We recommend investing a few pounds in a silver polishing cloth to keep your jewellery looking as good as new. Also, keep your chain out of the water as much as possible, and never wear it in a swimming pool or hot tub. The chemicals found in these places can cause discolouration that cannot easily be polished off. You an read all our jewellery care tips here.

Which silver chains are most popular with men?

In our classic curb range, this silver curb chain is a firm customer favourite and is worn by men of all ages. It is stylish, well-made (in Italy) and has great reviews. If you prefer the curb look but like your chains to have some depth or 'chunk', this silver cuban chain is a great alternative. Curb chains are not for everyone, and many customers prefer the look of our rounded silver rope chain or the industrial look of our silver faceted belcher chain - the faceted belcher is also a great pendant chain for larger/heavier silver pendants.

Do your chains come with a warranty?

Yes, all have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects (for example a clasp spring that fails). The warranty does not cover broken/snapped chains, so please never sleep in your chain as this quickly degrades the chain structure, and always take it off before sports or anything where it could get snagged or caught and pulled.