Personalised Jewellery


What jewellery can we personalise?

The most popular items from our personalised jewellery offering are our St Christopher medal necklaces. We can engrave these, on the reverse, with a short message that will make the jewellery more meaningful to the wearer. Most of our St Christopher medals are engraveable, and the only occasion we can't engrave these types of pendants is when there is an embossed design on the reverse. Many of our cross necklaces can also be engraved with a short but special message such as a first name or a date.

How many characters can I include?

This is a tough one, since our jewellery items are all different sizes. As a rule, condense your personalised message to as short as you can possibly make it. A name and date, or a very short verse is perfect. If in doubt, go ahead and order with your preferred option, and we will get in touch with any issues we encounter. We are very fussy about the standard of our engraving, and we won't personalise your jewellery with a message that doesn't really work. We will email or call you first to sort out a work around.

How do you engrave your jewellery?

We engrave our jewellery using a small rotary machine with a diamond tipped blade. We use either a script or a straight line font and we choose the font depending on your message. Initials and capital letter heavy messages rarely look good in a script font, and we would also never use a script front when engraving our silver medical alert tag necklace, since legibility is of upmost importance. However, for short passage of text, scripts fonts look charming and we try and use them where we can.

Can you engrave gold plated jewellery?

Yes we can, though the process will likely expose the sterling silver underneath the plating. That said, we think it adds a nice contrast and looks rather charming!

Can you engrave your bangles and signet rings?

Not at this time, but it's something we are looking to do in the future. Our engraving tools are a little limited at this time, so small flat items such as pendants and tag bracelets work best for us currently.

How much does it cost to personalise my jewellery?

All of our engraving ais offered FREE OF CHARGE. The only caveat is that personalised jewellery cannot be returned for a refund. You will also need to allow an additional 24 hours for dispatch, to allow us adequate time to get your personalised jewellery just perfect.