Men's Gold & Silver Rings FAQS

We stock a small but growing selection of men's rings at Sterling & Wilde. We have listed some of the more popular men's ring styles below. If you're looking for something in particular that you cannot see on this page, we are always happy to source bespoke items. Please email us at hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk with your requirements.

men's band rings

Men's Band Rings

There's the obvious reasons for these: engagement or wedding! Our solid silver or gold men's rings are perfect for a special occasion such as an engagement or wedding. Equally, a men's band ring is perfect as a fashion item to be worn daily for no other reason than it looks nice. We stock a select of men's band rings, and one of our favourites is our silver Celtic men's ring - an inexpensive and versatile ring, made entirely from precious metal.

men's gold signet ring

Signet Rings for Men

Many, many years ago, signet rings were used to seal documents with wax, in lieu of a written signature. While they aren't used for such purposes today, they remain one of the more enduring and popular ring styles for a man. We stock signets in solid silver or solid gold, and you can have a round ring face, oval, square or gem set. A men's gold signet ring is a popular choice for engraving, especially monograms, or set with a hardstone like lapis, onyx or malachite.

men's sovereign ring in gold

Men's Sovereign Rings

OK so technically we don't stock men's silver sovereign rings, as those rings hold sovereign coins. But we do stock men's St George rings which are very similar to a sovereign ring, and what most people mean when they search the term. Our largest St George ring is 2.2cm wide, which is slightly smaller than a sovereign coin. We also stock a small 9ct gold men's sovereign ring for those who like their gold rings a little more discreet.

men's ring sizes

What size ring should I buy for a man?

This is really a 'how long is a piece of string' question, but we generally find men's ring sizes begin around the UK T and go all the way up to a UK Z. The best thing to do is get your finger measured by your local jeweller, or order a ring measure online for a couple of pounds to slip over your finger. Your finger should be measured at room temperature, as size can vary when overly cold or overly hot. If you do happen to order the wrong size ring from us, fear not, as we have an excellent 30 day returns policy!