What is a drop earring?

Drop earrings hang down below the earlobe and tend to be a considered a more glamorous item of jewellery than the typical stud earring, which is smaller and remains inside the boundary of the earlobe. Drop earrings can have post fittings, wire/hook fittings, threads, leverbacks or even huggie fittings to secure the earring to the lobe.

When can I wear drop earrings?

Whenever you like! Smaller drop earrings in particular are a joy to wear at any time, whether that's while shopping in Tesco or on an evening out in a wine bar with friends. Larger drop/dangle earrings are quite 'dressy' and are generally worn to special events, but there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to jewellery and fashion.

What is the difference between a drop earring and a dangle earring

Nothing really, they are used interchangeably to describe earrings that hang down below the earlobe. Some jewellers may use the term dangle earring to describe longer drop earring with movement/articulation, but generally, to most people, drop and dangle mean the same thing in earring terms, and the use of one over the other is purely a language preference.

Is it OK to sleep in drop or dangle earrings?

Never sleep in drop earrings or dangle earrings, they will get caught and you will wake up with them in pieces. Either wear small sleeper hoops or sleeper ball studs to bed, or wear no earrings at all.

Are your earrings made from real silver or gold?

We sell sterling silver drop earrings, 9ct gold drop earrings, and we sell drop earrings made in sterling silver that has been plated in either 14ct or 18ct gold (similar to vermeil). It will be very clear on the product page which metal(s) you are buying.