More About The Belcher Chain

The belcher chain is a quintessentially British chain, and both the name and style most probably came to be following the rise to fame of a successful 19th century boxer named Jem Belcher. Boxing celebrity Jem (born in Bristol in 1781, died 1822) would regularly wear a neckerchief around his neck, and he would feed it through a wide hoop come scarf ring to fasten it - this became known as a belcher ring. The ring was developed into a masculine style necklace, by reducing its size and joining it to many other rings. The belcher necklace was born, and it consists of oval or round uniform links, usually made from a D-shaped wire, with a convex outer section. Belcher chain necklaces remain particularly popular with men, and continue to be made in England, particularly in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.