Belcher & Trace Chains

About the Belcher Chain

The belcher chain necklace, deeply rooted in British history, owes its name and style to the 19th-century boxing legend Jem Belcher. Born in Bristol in 1781, Jem's penchant for wrapping a neckerchief around his neck, secured by a wide hoop or scarf ring, led to the eponymous "belcher ring." As a tribute to the masculine and robust style of this famed boxer, the belcher ring evolved into a distinctive necklace by reducing its size and connecting it to numerous other rings. The resulting belcher chain necklace is characterized by uniform oval or round links, typically crafted from D-shaped wire with a convex outer section, reflecting both strength and simplicity.

This quintessentially British accessory, initially inspired by a renowned pugilist's fashion choice, has stood the test of time. Belcher chain necklaces, especially favored by men, continue to be a fashion statement with a touch of heritage. The craftsmanship often thrives in England, with Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter being a particularly noteworthy hub for the production of these iconic pieces. With each link carrying a legacy of boxing history, the belcher chain necklace remains a symbol of timeless elegance and strength.