Solid Sterling Silver 8mm Round Belcher Chain Necklace, Vintage Style - Sterling & Wilde

Sterling Silver 8mm Round Belcher Chain Necklace


  • Metal: Solid Sterling Silver
  • Lengths: 20, 22 & 24 inches
  • Weights: 47 grams / 50 grams / 53 grams
  • Link Width: 8mm
  • Link Style: Round Belcher
  • Hallmarked: Yes

This is a BIG and BOLD statement necklace for women and men. With 8mm wide solid silver round links that alternate between polished and engraved, no one will fail to notice this chain! The chain has a distinctive vintage look, despite being brand new. Other silver belcher chains in our collection:

About the Belcher Chain

The belcher is a popular chain style made from uniform, D shaped links. Sometimes referred to as a 'rolo' chain. Faceted belcher chains have a more modern, industrial look, where as round or oval belcher chains are more traditional.

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