About our Toe Rings & Anklets

We make no apologies for it, we are BIG fans of pretty feet. If you're going to the trouble of getting a pedicure and your toe nails painted, then you may as well go the whole hog and add some precious metal to your feet too. 

women's toe rings

Toe Rings

Firstly, toe rings! The great thing about gold and silver is that they are relatively soft metals, which means open rings for toes can be gently manipulated to fit. Toe rings are one size fits all items which make them more economical to make than finger rings and they are surprisingly comfortable to wear too.

Silver is obviously the more cost effective option for a toe ring, and this is the metal we would recommend for holiday wear too, especially if you are going near sand which can be quite corrosive to jewellery. You will probably find, when you return from your holiday, that the silver toe ring will need a polish to bring it back to its former glory.

Avoid wearing gold toe rings on the beach, in the sea or swimming pool. Where toe rings are gold plated silver, this plating will suffer if you wear them to the beach, so save them for day trips and nights out instead. Also be aware that any sun cream or mosquito repellent needs to be thoroughly dry and absorbed on your skin before putting on jewellery. Again, these substances are highly corrosive to jewellery.

9ct gold anklets


We love anklets (sometimes referred to as ankle bracelets)! We love wearing them too, in both gold and silver. Anklets are versatile for day and evening wear, and look great under cropped skinny jeans. Most chains made for necks and bracelets can be fashioned as anklets, and the typical sizes for women are 9 - 10 inches.

Anklet care is similar to toe ring care in terms of environments and chemicals, with the added risk of snagging too, so it's important that you don't wear an anklet that is too big. Best advice is a measure you ankle with a soft tape measure and choose a chain that is slightly bigger than your ankle size. You will usual find anklets in 9 inches, 9.5 inches and 10 inches, with many being adjustable.

ladies gold ankle bracelet

When it comes to choosing gold or silver, budget and preference are the two most important factors in any anklet purchase. Gold is warm and complements black, brown and bronzed skin tones, whereas silver has a earthy brightness to it that has charmed humans for thousands of years.

Perhaps you are looking for a personalised anklet with an added charm? We love the idea of a St Christopher anklet, since travel is a big reason for an anklet purchase, so adding this protective talisman makes perfect sense. Anklets also work well personalised with an initial, a horoscope symbol and Celtic symbols too.