Women's Bangle & Bracelet FAQS

Women's bracelets and bangles are popular items of jewellery and we try to stock a good range in both gold and silver, some gemstone set. We've answered some of the more common queries we receive about women's bracelets and bangles below, but for anything not covered do email us at hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk.

what length bracelet for a woman

What size bracelet should I buy for a woman's wrist?

Women's wrist sizes vary, but a typical women's bracelet length is considered 7.5 inches, and the majority of bracelets are made in this size. For ladies with small wrists, and particularly if they don't like their bracelets too loose, a 7 inch length may be better suited. If you are unsure, an adjustable bracelet between 7-7.5 inches my well be the best option. And course, if you think her wrists are slightly larger than average, perhaps consider a 8 inch bracelet or longer.

women's bangles

What about women's bangles? What size should I buy?

Most bangles are made for a 7.5 inch wrist, and with some flexibility too, as many bangles are designed to be pushed up the arm. So if you suit an 8 inch bracelet, you may find that a standard sized bangle fits you without issue. Most women's torque bangles (the open bangles) can be gently adjusted, though you shouldn't get into the habit of bending and adjusting the metal too much, especially gold.

silver or gold women's bracelet

Should I buy a gold or silver women's bracelet / bangle?

This is going to depend on budget and taste. Gold is considerably more expensive per gram, and a solid bangle will not be cheap. Gold does hold a certain amount of value, however, and will always do so. Silver is a much more affordable metal and is great for wrist wear. Bracelets and bangles tends to take the most wear of all jewellery items, even more than rings, so it's important to choose an item that will last. When choosing gold, and if budget allows, we always recommend choosing something that is solid rather than hollow. Though hollow is a great choice where cost is an issue, just more care needs to be taken.

popular ladies bangles

Ladies bangles: popular styles

Torque bangles (also known as cuff bangles) have been popular items of women's jewellery for thousands of years. Despite this, a well-made torque still looks effortlessly contemporary! Torque bangles do not form a full loop, and instead are open, usually finished with ball ends. They can have a rounded wire, a square wire, some are twisted and some are faceted. Torques tend to be solid and sturdy and are long-lasting items of jewellery, whether bought in silver or gold.

ladies bracelets

Ladies bracelets: popular styles

Stacking bracelets are en-vogue right now, and so many bracelets are made dainty and delicate to wear alongside a watch or other bracelets and bangles. The jewellery market has adapted (thankfully) to the huge variety of women's sizes, and many women's bracelets are now made adjustable for flexibility on the wrist. Some women like to wear their bracelets tight to their skin for fear they may snag them, others like them loose. An adjustable bracelet solves this. Charm bracelets also remain popular in both gold and silver and have been so for decades.

Delivery & Returns

We deliver all of our bracelets and bangles free of charge in the UK, and worldwide for a small fee. Returns are free for UK customers too, so you can buy your jewellery with confidence.