Buying Your Ring

Rings are our favourite items of jewellery at Sterling & Wilde. Finger rings have been worn by humans for thousands of years, and no other item of jewellery has survived quite as well. If you're looking for antique rings, our sister store Kit Clayton Jewellery is where you should head next. However, if you're searching for a contemporary ring made in gold or silver and set with a variety of different gemstones, please stay right where you are!

diamond sapphire ruby rings

Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire & Ruby Rings

The big four! And the most expensive of the gemstones we use in rings today. Diamond tends to command the highest price per carat weight, though a particularly fine emerald or ruby can out strip a diamond in value on occasion. Where sapphires are concerned, the peach coloured padparadscha is the most expensive currently, followed by the fine blue sapphires.

We sell gemstone set rings in both 9ct and 18ct gold, and we also stock some silver pieces too. We try not to limit ourselves to the big four gemstones, and you will also find tanzanite, morganite, rose quartz, cubic zirconia and topaz in our collection along with others.

cluster rings

Cluster Rings

The smaller the gemstone, the less it costs per carat. This is why cluster rings provide a great deal of sparkle for less cost! A carat of diamonds made up over 10 stones, is much more affordable than a single diamond of 1ct in weight. Cluster rings tend to feature a larger colour stone centre, with a halo of colourless stones to compliment and add sparkle. These are often small diamonds, but cubic zirconia is a great, cost effective alternative.

stacking stackable rings

Stacking Rings

We love stacking rings! Dainty gold or silver bands set with a variety of gemstones or left plain and stylised with hammering and other techniques. Colourful hands are very on trend, and it's not unusual to see women sporting a variety of gemstones on their fingers: turquoise, sapphire, emerald, ruby or maybe brightly colour cubic zirconia stones.

Dainty eternity or half eternity bands also work great as part of a ring stack, and this style of ring is a traditional anniversary gift.

signet rings

Signet Rings

Classic and always on trend. Choose your women's signet ring with a small set stone or and an entire hardstone setting, such as lapis or onyx. Plain gold or silver signet rings can be monogrammed with the wearer's initials, or left blank for a modern look. Signets are versatile and can be worn on any finger, though we love to wear ours on our pinky! Technically not signet rings, but Claddagh rings remain symbolic and popular across the generations and we stock these in both gold and silver.

More About Our Rings

Our rings are made from solid gold, solid silver, or gold plated silver. We are always very clear on the product page which metal has been used. Similarly, as experienced gemmologists, we are always very clear in pointing out whether the gemstones in each ring are Earth mined, synthetic or treated. We have gone to great lengths to bring you beautiful, affordable rings and other jewellery so you know exactly what you are buying. All of our jewellery is delivered free within the UK, and you can return within 30 days too.

Any questions, please do call us on 0207 8460254 or email hello@sterlingwilde.co.uk.